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"Open House London gives people the chance to explore some of London's most unique and celebrated buildings."
David Cameron, Prime Minister

“The contrasts of London’s architecture are the genius of its beauty. No other city in the world brings together so well the historic and the new, or can delight the eye with a range of styles from Corinthian marble to Modernist steel. Open House London celebrates this wonderful melange, and gives Londoners a rare insight into the best of our buildings. I fully support its work and wish it every success.”
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

"We believe passionately that great design makes a difference to our lvies, and our initiatives celebrate all that is best about the capital’s buildings, places and neighbourhoods."
Tim Brooks, Former Chair of Trustees, Open-City

“Good architecture has a huge role to play in altering our mood. When we call a chair or an office beautiful, really what we’re saying is that we like the way of life it’s suggesting to us. [Open House London], in a modest but determined way, helps to change the debate about what sort of buildings we want to live, work and learn in.”
Alain de Botton

“London’s skyline is now a unique succession of diverse, exciting shapes, a statement of confidence in visionary architecture and its effect on the spirit of the city and its people. For me this strength more than outweighs some of the less adventurous developments to be seen today.”
Margaret Howell, Designer

“This year, investment in landscape has significantly changed the face of London. A massive new park in East London is the setting for the Olympics, the fountain-filled Granary Square is a calm meeting place in the centre of King’s Cross, Leicester Square has been reborn and Jubilee Gardens, so long a desolate piece of grass, has a landscape of flowers and trees. This is a rebirth of many of London’s most important places and it is regeneration led by landscape.”
Paul Lincoln, Director of Policy and Communications, Landscape Institute

“ICE London is delighted to again be working with Open-City to celebrate the important part that civil engineering plays in the success of our city. Every day millions of people walk past or on top of infrastructure which they barely notice but without which London would simply stop functioning. This weekend is an opportunity for Londoners to see behind the scenes, and hopefully will help them appreciate the vital role that civil engineering plays in this great city.”
Miranda Housden, Director, ICE London

“One of my favourite events of the year, Open House offers the unparalleled opportunity to step inside the capital’s most interesting buildings. The vast selection of buildings on
offer span from the intimate to the paramount. This is a first class education in architecture, and it’s free.”
Christine Murray, Editor, Architects’ Journal

“Good architecture and great design in our Centres plays a key part in what we do in supporting people with cancer. We have been involved with Open-City for eight years and it is a privilege to work with an organisation which sees the benefits in – and promotes great architecture.”
Laura Lee, Chief Executive, Maggie’s

“Open-City has drawn attention to the wealth of architectural gems that London has to offer, from vast historic landmarks to smaller private homes.”
Lord Foster, Foster & Partners



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