Join the Summer of Cycling!

Santander Cycles has joined with Open House London giving lucky winners exclusive access to selected sites participating across London, including Lambeth Palace. You'll have the chance to see some of London's most fascinating and great landmarks from the comfort of your Santander Cycle. See our Summer of Cycling page for further details #SantanderCycles


Get active with Legible London Maps

peckham cycle tourWalking or cycling between buildings on Open House weekend is the perfect way to stay healthy, see some great architecture and help to make a greener, cleaner, well-designed city.

This year we will again be working with Transport for London's Legible London initiative to bring you some very handy mapguides to central London areas.

Download the area maps below:


Islington & Hackney


City to Tower Hamlets

Southbank and Beyond

Visit one of the Open House Hubs

In some places you can step from one building straight to another. Temple Inns of Court and Temple Church is just one of those hubs.

To mark the anniversary of the sealing of the 1215 Magna Carta, Inner Temple, Middle Temple and Temple Church have a whole host of activities and tours taking place over the weekend at this unique site, including a self-guided family quiz around the grounds and a Children's Court taking place at the Royal Courts of Justice on Sunday. You might also want to grab some refreshments at their steret food market or have a brief picnic before further continuing on your Open House weekend journey.

See what's going on at:

Inner Temple

Middle Temple

Temple Church



The Olympic Park The Olympic Park will be a hive of activity with walks being led by Dr Phil Askew, project sponsor parklands and public realm and a cycle tour led by the Institution of Civil Engineers. Visitors can also see further beyond the Olympic Park with walks being led by Ralph Ward of London Urban Visits

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