Design Matters

Open House London is your chance to explore and debate what makes great architecture and design and to find out more about some of the current design issues facing the capital. Here are some of the issues on our agenda …

artArt and Places
Focusing on buildings is only one part of Open House's work - thinking holistically about places and all involved in creating and designing them is explored through our work with Art in the Open. Across London various initiatives are underway that connect people, place and art as part of the longer-term redevelopment of areas, helping to humanise their current and future experiences. This year Open House London is highlighting some of these approaches, showing how new forms of more local engagement are inspiring the capital’s places.

housingHow we live
It’s estimated that the population of London will increase to over 8 million by 2016. The need for well-designed housing is great. Open House London will showcase past and present housing exemplars to compare and contrast how we are living now.


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