Open House Public Programmes

city hall _ architectureOpen House public programmes aim to provide all Londoners with the opportunity to identify
with excellence in architecture and design, and appreciate its social, economic and environmental significance.

Our research has shown that the best way to do this is to experience living, working buildings at first hand, ‘in the flesh’; meeting the architects that designed them and the building users, and talking to the architectural experts who can give them new insights into the city.

Our programmes include the organisation's highest profile initiative, Open House London, plus year-round tours of the city and special talk and event programmes.

The Open House organisation created the Open House London annual event in 1992, and the concept has now been adopted around the world via Open House New York, Open House Dublin and Open House Galway, which are in their 7th, 4rd and 1st years respectively.

We work with professionals to help unpack what makes good places in which to live, work, play and learn, and thereby provide Londoners direct access to the knowledge that influences and shapes the urban fabric. We also aim to reach as diverse a grouping as possible, connecting with hundreds of thousands of Londoners of all kinds, providing them with a forum to express what they would like for the future of their city.


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