A high-quality built environment is vital for all aspects of a healthy, prosperous city. It creates the framework in which businesses and communities can thrive, economically, socially and culturally.

Open-City understands and uses the physical fabric of the city as a basis for all its work - we recognised long ago that direct experience is the most powerful way that anyone can learn about urban spaces.

The built environment is much wider htan just individual buildings - it is also formed by urban landscape, green spaces and infrastructure. But ther remains a challenge in how we can bring together all these elements to really make places where people want to live and work.

Green Sky Thinking, our annual sustainability-focused programme that takes place in Spring, offers a channel for professionals from across built environment disciplines to get a practical and focused opportunity to learn about placemaking from every possible angle and viewpoint.

What do you see as the most important factor in making London a 'liveable city'?

We asked some of the professionals who work with us througout the year to tell us their answers:

Good quality, affordable housing is essential in making Lodnon liveable, not only to the individuals who live in the city but also to the society, the economy and the cultural life of our capital.
Stephen Howlett, Chief Executive, Peabody Trust

Integrated planning policy accommodating good architecture and flexibility for today's environment.
Richard Baldwin, Head of Development, Derwent London plc

Its true architectural stamp - its variety, the clash and the juxtaposition, the old and new, grand and humble jostling for attention.
Robert Elms, BBC London Broadcaster