Welcome to Open House learning

At Open House Learning, we build on and enhance the work carried out by our sister project, the annual opening of more than 600 buildings.

Open House Learning offers a wide and constantly evolving programme of events which open up the world of the built environment to its audiences (not only children and the young, but their teachers, their carers and architects too). Events and activities range in scope from Junior Open House involving more than 4000 schoolchildren to Architectives, which can be enjoyed by a family of four.

Open House Learning’s approach is unique: its starting point is always direct experience. It takes education out of the classroom, off the library shelves, and into some of the finest examples of architecture the capital has to offer. We have found that this brings buildings alive for young people, stimulates discussion and leads anyone who participates to feel a sense of ownership of their own city.

On this part of the website you will find details of some of the things we have done already and some of the things we intend to do in the future. But as our approach is responsive as well as creative, events will continue to evolve as directed by the participants themselves. Welcome to your Open House Learning.


Learning By Design

Two publications showcasing newly designed exemplar schools in England and London. See how architects have responded to the challenges of designing welcoming, flexible and stimulating places for teaching and learning -including examples of Classrooms of The Future, Special Schools, Early Years Centres, Primary and Secondary Schools, Academies, Further Education Colleges and Community Learning Centres. (Publication funded by the Department for Education and Skills.)

These are available free of charge. Go to the following link

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