OHL volunteerThe role of volunteers is pivotal to our organisation and for over a decade we have been running a highly successful Volunteer Programme involving hundreds of people from a wide range of professions and backgrounds. Through supporting volunteers, we aim to develop skills and expertise, provide opportunities for interaction with our broad audiences, and encourage a wider interest in London's rich architectural landscape.

By joining our Volunteer Programme you can make a difference by injecting new skills and experience into our organisation, and by helping us make our initiatives and events happen. We have a team of core volunteers and interns who help out throughout the year in the office and are core to our work. There are also hundreds of volunteers that assist during the Open House London Annual Event - offering a half day to act as guides or stewards - as well volunteers such as architects who provide support for our education programmes.

The Open House London annual event takes place in September. Each year we recruit and place volunteer stewards and guides at participating buildings - in particular we need volunteers who are able to help out at lesser-known outer-borough buildings and events. In 2015, over 1000 volunteers assisted over the weekend!

95% of volunteers survey respondants would like to volunteer again.

98% of respondents in 2015 stated that they would recommmend the experience to a friend.

In return for giving up a morning or afternoon of their time, volunteers receive a badge that lets them jump queues at buildings as well as a complimentary copy of the weekend guide.

For information about what volunteering involves, download this info sheet.

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"The staff and volunteers were all so friendly, helpful and enthusiastic - always nice when you are getting tired and flagging a little."

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