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Is your building representative of good design?

An award winning project?

Would you like to participate in London's biggest architectural festival?

Open House London enables architects, engineers and infrastructure providers to be part of London's most successful architecture festival. The internationally known event engages half a million people, with over 750 buildings involved.

Taking part in the Open House London event is a rewarding and valuable experience. It provides:

  • an opportunity to be part of London's largest showcase of architecture and design
  • a sense of ownership and belonging, and a unique opportunity for community engagement
  • high public awareness
  • high positive association
  • association with a powerful and respected brand with outstanding marketing benefits - our print, web, and e-marketing reaches millions annually.

The criteria we have for inclusion of buildings is:

  • the architecture and interior is of good quality with design merit
  • the buildings/certain areas of the buildings are not normally accessible to the public
  • the buildings are opened up to the public free of charge

Please get in touch by emailing if you are interested in participating in this year's event. Deadline for applications 29 April 2017

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