Buildings 2014

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The architecture and spaces of our city are a fundamental reflection of our society and culture. The buildings we design and build today, and those from the past that we protect, will play a significant role in how our city and our society evolve in the future. Our 2014 theme of 'Revealing' reflects on and engages with issues that directly affect our built environment.

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Design for Living

Can we design homes, or do we design houses which become homes through occupation?

How the City Works

Can London's transport networks, housing and infrastructure cope with the forecasted 10 million Londoners?

Places & Spaces

A showcase of nearly fifty projects with landscape at their heart, in partnership with the Landscape Institute, the professional body for landscape architects.

A Greener City

What does a sustainable city look like?

Buildings through VocalEyes

Audio described tours for blind and partially sighted people