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Below, you can find out all about the local context of this borough's architecture, areas undergoing change and projects under construction.

Croydon has recently adopted and continues to formulate ambitious, researched and deliverable planning and regeneration policies that articulate the potential for the borough to be a focus for growth and a model for suburban and city living. The long-term ambitions for the borough cover the next fifteen to twenty years and are set out in its Sustainable Community Strategy, supported by the Local Development Framework and Growth Plan. High quality design is crucial to successfully drawing up and delivering these plans.

With the emphasis on civic renewal and sustainable growth, Croydon sees potential for over 20,000 new homes across the borough with around a third of these in the town centre. The town centre has been recognised in the London Plan as an Opportunity Area. Consequently, Croydon worked jointly with the Mayor and Transport for London to produce and adopt the Croydon Opportunity Area Planning Framework (COAPF), which supplements the policies of the Local and London Plans and gives more detail to the key objectives; such as, delivering a new residential community in the town centre, East Croydon and New Town being the focus for fresh commercial development and the regeneration and renewal of the retail core.

Croydon Opportunity Area (COA) is the main focus for growth over the next two decades. It is hoped the centre will see 7,500 new homes, new jobs will be generated across a number of sectors and the retail core will be transformed and renewed as a strategic shopping destination through the Croydon Partnership development. The framework for these changes has, and is being set through the COAPF and a series of collaborative masterplans, which the council has produced working in conjunction with others.

Improvements to East Croydon and West Croydon are being made. Each respective masterplan in its own way will create better links with both the town centre and surrounding suburbs as transport and train stations are improved. At East Croydon this is already being delivered with major consents in place for mixed use schemes either side of the station, which will regenerate one of the gateways to the town centre and the new East Croydon Station bridge and a first phase of public realm improvements have been completed. In addition, the Connected Croydon Programme is delivering high quality public realm improvements across the whole town centre – and the wider Borough - in a coordinated manner over the coming years.

The Fair Field Masterplan area is set to be an area of learning and culture. Education, leisure, entertainment, residential and retail facilities will be developed making it a state of the art public realm. The Mid-Croydon Masterplan aims to create a high quality environment with an emphasis on mixed use development, a residential neighbourhood, links to open spaces and the pedestrian experience.

The Old Town Masterplan is the most recently adopted masterplan and describes how the historic Old Town area could be enhanced to improve its attractiveness as a place to live, work and visit and make it easier to travel around through a programme of heritage-led regeneration.

But it’s not just about the town centre. Across the Borough improvements are being made to Croydon’s diverse district centres, with close working between the Council, other public agencies, residents and businesses, including in New Addington, South Norwood and Thornton Heath.

Whether through the drawing up of collaborative masterplans, the implementation of public realm and infrastructure projects or the delivery of new homes or schools, Croydon is committed to high quality design.

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